Bathrooms for all: Accessible restrooms for inclusive amenities

When hosting large events or any gatherings where a person who uses a wheelchair might be present, it is important to offer handicap-accessible portable restrooms. Handicap-accessible portable restrooms are also useful to parent-child pairs and people who need ample room for wardrobe changes.

Our accessible porta potties are great for anyone who is disabled, or “differently abled,” uses a wheelchair or walker, or may have trouble sitting down and standing up without assistance. Our wide doors allow a standard wheelchair to cruise right in. They also have grab rails all around the unit, an oversized floor, and an entry that is flush with the ground, eliminating any need to “step” or “step up” into the unit.

The interior of the porta-potty has generous room for an individual and their wheelchair, or it can be used as an oversized restroom for parents taking small children to the bathroom or for anyone who needs room to change clothes.

Our accessible portable bathrooms meet strict American Disabilities Act guidelines. We recommend our ADA-compliant portable restrooms for large events, gatherings with parents and children, and productions or weddings in which people may need to change their outfits partway through.

We would be honored to provide accessible porta-potties for you.

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