When your pipes are clogged, Salina Septic Service is here to help. As septic service professionals, we provide septic tank pumping.

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    Pumping is recommended at least every 3-5 years or when the solids in the tank reach 25-30% capacity. Typically, this is when the crust layer has reached 6 or more inches in thickness, or the sludge layer has reached 12 or more inches in thickness.

    When those layers surpass those levels of thickness, your septic tank has entered the trouble zone.

    Another way to check whether a septic tank needs to be serviced is the length of time since it was last serviced. The Environmental Protection Agency recommends pumping septic tanks every three to five years. However, we have seen many people stretch the federal agency’s recommended service intervals, meaning their septic tanks are well into that trouble zone by the time we are called.

    Fortunately, our septic system professionals arrive on the scene ready to handle just about anything.

    We bring our large tanker truck with vacuum equipment. Our septic tank technician removes the manhole cover and inserts a large hose into the septic tank.

    As our truck is pumping, our professional technician will work to ensure all solids are removed by using specialty tools to agitate the wastewater and ensure a quality job is done. This makes septic tank pumping more efficient.

    When we’re through, the septic waste can go through.

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    Get smooth sailing — or at least smooth septic pumping — with Salina Septic Service.