March 24, 2018

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Six Common Misconceptions About Portable Toilets

July 22, 2018

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Six Common Misconceptions About Portable Toilets

Six Common Misconceptions About Portable Toilets, & How we are Changing Them


Portable Toilets, or "Porta Potties" are often associated with large outdoor events or construction sites. They are often thought of as gross, smelly, cramped, and uncomfortable. Many people avoid using portable toilets because of these issues- and these issues may be true in some cases, if you are using a vendor that doesn't provide reliable or quality service. However, when you partner with a leading provider like Salina Septic Service, we go the extra mile to ensure these issues become a non-factor.


Here are 6 common misconceptions about Portable Toilets:

1. Portable Toilets are Smelly & Unsanitary

With reliable service, a professional service provider and an adequate number of units, your restrooms should not stink or be dirty. When we deliver or service our units, we make sure to fully evacuate the waste tank, refill with adequate deodorizer (the "blue" water), as well as fully scrub & sanitize the entire unit. We also use a cherry scented spray to further combat odors. These steps leave our restrooms clean & smelling fresh after each delivery or service visit.


2. Portable Toilets are Expensive to Rent

While renting a portable toilet is not free, cost should not be primary deciding factor when choosing a service provider. Actually, portable toilets can save you money! For large event coordinators, having the proper number of restrooms at your event can reduce lines, meaning people can spend more time near vendors or concessions. On construction sites, having available units nearby can reduce the amount of time employees spend away from working on a project- increasing overall productivity. Choosing a leading provider with experience, quality service and a positive reputation in the area can end up saving you hundreds, or even thousands of dollars and numerous complaints from guests or employees.


3. Portable Sanitation Providers are Unkempt, Dirty & Uneducated

This myth could not be further from the truth! Our service providers are experienced professionals performing a skilled trade. Between safely operating large trucks and equipment, maintaining the proper licensing, and having several years of experience to boot, our technicians are the best in the industry! We take pride in what we do, and that is why Salina Septic Service is the only provider who is registered with the Portable Sanitation Association International (PSAI) in Central Kansas.


4. Portable Toilets are Bad for the Environment

Actually, portable toilets save nearly 13 million gallons of water every day. Truth be told, portable toilets are more environmentally friendly than your bathroom at home! On top of the water savings, Salina Septic Service takes extra steps to ensure our company is at the forefront of helping protect the environment; all of our chemicals are bio-degradable and environmentally friendly (non-formaldehyde). 


5. Portable Toilets aren't Suitable for Classy Events

Modern Portable Sanitation facilities have improved significantly over the years. With technological advancements in our industry, we now can provide restrooms that provide the same comfort that you have in your own home. Whether you rent one of our standard restrooms, deluxe flushable units, or even our luxury restroom trailer, your guests are sure to be satisfied-and comfortable- no matter the size of event or budget. 


6. Portable Toilets are Only for Construction Sites or Large Events

Our portable restrooms are not exclusive for only festivals or construction sites. In fact, portable restrooms are an excellent choice for nearly any outdoor occasion! We commonly rent restrooms for backyard parties, family gatherings, outdoor weddings/receptions, sporting venues, auctions, holiday parties, and government agencies. Natural Disasters and emergencies also require sanitation equipment and services. Regardless of the situation, Salina Septic Service is prepared and ready to provide quality portable sanitation services whenever you need them.


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