March 24, 2018

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July 22, 2018

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Benefits to an Infiltrator Septic System


Septic systems, or on-site wastewater treatment systems, were first invented in France around the year 1860. John Mouras, the inventor, began with a simple tank made of concrete and piping made of clay. The pipe carried the wastewater from the house to the tank, and then from the tank, to a cesspool. A cesspool is a large cylindrical pit dug deep into the ground designed to allow water to soak into the soil. Because of the efficiency and success in his design, Mr. Mouras's invention was introduced to the United States in 1883. 


Due to the biological hazard that human waste presents, regulations had to be created. By the 1970's, several studies, and tests had been performed by private and public entities, and the EPA, or Environmental Protection Agency created the first uniform "Code" to regulate and standardize septic systems. 


By the 1960's, drainfields utilizing absorption trenches became the norm across the U.S.. During this time, septic tanks were made with precast concrete or concrete blocks of various configurations. Septic Systems, in their bare beauty, remained unchanged in design for over 100 years.


Fast forward to 1987- Infiltrator Water Technologies enters the market with their 
"Infiltrator Systems Chamber Drainfield". This revolutionary design provided homeowners with a less expensive alternative to traditional rock and pipe drainfields, and offered greater flexibility and significant time savings to contractors. 


Over the next 20 years, Infiltrator Water Technologies became the leading innovator in the Onsite Industry, developing 7 different variations and improvements on their original chamber design. By 2011, the IM Series Septic Tanks were introduced. These tanks are completely watertight, extremely resistant to cracking or corrosion, and easier to install compared to traditional precast concrete tanks.


As a professional onsite installer and repairman, licensed in 6 counties in Central Kansas, I can personally say that Infiltrator's advancements within the Onsite Industry have brought several new ideas, research and technology to an industry living in the past. 

My job, as a professional, is to offer the best solution for your onsite wastewater treatment needs. This means to offer you the most cost-effective solution with longevity in mind. 


Infiltrator not only offers a cost-effective, flexible solution to your onsite wastewater treatment needs; their products also carry a 5-year manufacturer warranty. As professional, licensed installers, Salina Septic Service extends this warranty to cover the installation as well. We are fully confident in the products we use, the service we offer, and the quality of work we produce.


Now, all of this is not to say that systems using comparable products are bad- the majority of systems in our area still utilize more traditional products (precast concrete tanks with rock and pipe drainfields). These tried-and-true systems are still installed everyday across Kansas and the rest of the country. However, I believe that homeowners should know and understand all of the options for onsite wastewater treatment available to them. As a professional installer, I do my best to inform you of these options, explain the differences, and offer professional advice on what I believe is the best solution for your needs. 








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