March 24, 2018

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Six Common Misconceptions About Portable Toilets

July 22, 2018

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A Message From the Owner

Hello everyone. For those of you who don't know me, my name is Cole Leister. My dad, Randy, and I own and operate Salina Septic Service. I wanted to write this story today to share a subject with you that we have, I shouldn't say struggled with, but one that has been brought to my attention fairly recently.


I will try to keep this as short as possible. 


A few weeks ago, I had a call from a homeowner who was needing his septic tank pumped out. He asked for our price, and when we would be able to schedule him. After I told him our rate ($325), he was in shock. He proceeded to explain to me that the last time he had his system serviced, only 6-7 years ago, it cost him less than half of that ($150). 


The company that last serviced his system was shut down several years ago, due to a procedural violation while land-applying sewage waste. (Land Application is legal in Kansas, but with very strict regulations and reporting requirements. Certain counties have more regulations than others.) 


I guess what I am trying to say is, make sure you research the company (in any industry, not just ours) prior to making a purchase. If you are calling around, checking prices, and a company is drastically lower than the others, that's a red flag. Something isn't quite right there. And as the producer of the waste, it is your responsibility to ensure it is disposed of in accordance to state and federal regulations. Illegal or improper disposal of human waste by significantly cheaper companies can pose a serious health threat to humans and wildlife This is part of the reason why our services are priced the way they are. 


The other part of this story has to do with the "service" aspect of our work. Our official title is "Septage Hauler", but in reality, we are a "Septic Service" with emphasis on the "Service". 


I believe that our level of service, both in our septic pumping and our portable toilet services, is unmatched by other companies in our area. Our extensive knowledge and experience, coupled with our mission, creates this never-ending energy that drives our entire company to do our best job on every job. Whether it is me, my dad, Sheldon or Scott responding to the call, we have full confidence that you will not get treated better elsewhere. 


"You get what you pay for" 

The old adage, typically used to describe cheap products or toys, rings true here as well. 


What really sets our service apart from other septic service companies is our effort to educate you, the homeowner, on proper septic system care and maintenance. A lot of our calls are due to backups, where the septic tank has gotten so full, that sewage has started to come out of toilets, showers, sinks or even laundry machines (yuck!). These calls are almost always due to lack of maintenance, and typically happen at the worst time possible. Even worse, most backups cause irreparable damage to the system's drainfield, meaning more frequent backups and a very expensive (thousands of dollars) repair bill. We do our best to leave you with as much information regarding your system as possible, so that you will never have to experience a backup in your life. 

You see, my team and I work around the clock to make sure that every call we get is responded to as soon as possible, and the work we do exceeds your expectations. Whether it is a portable toilet or your tank is causing your family problems, we are working day and night to handle any situation that arises, and constantly improving our process and the way we operate. This level of service may come at a higher price; but we believe that your peace of mind, and your comfort, is worth it. 




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