March 24, 2018

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Six Common Misconceptions About Portable Toilets

July 22, 2018

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Having Your Tank Pumped? What to Expect:

It's time to have your septic tank pumped out. You've done the research, called a service provider, and scheduled for them to come out. Now what can you expect?



Here is what our technician will do while on your property:

  1. Locate the system. Once we pull into your property, we will look for the septic tank. Typically, there are 1 or 2 green lids located at the surface of the ground. If these lids aren't present, then we will have to uncover the tank underground and expose the lid. 

  2. Once the lids are removed, we will note the water level inside the tank in relation to the outlet pipe. High or low water levels may indicate potential problems with the system. 

  3. We then will start cleaning the tank. We use a vacuum hose connected to our truck (affectionately known as a "Honey Wagon") to pump the tank out. Using a few tools and techniques, we will remove all of the solid waste inside the tank. If necessary, we will also add fresh water to further break down the waste and to clean the sidewalls of the tank.

  4. We will likely ask you to flush your toilet a few times, or run water through your sink in your household. We do this to identify if there are any plumbing-related issues between the house and the septic tank. If water does not appear to be reaching the septic tank, we will attempt to clear the line, or provide recommendations for additional service providers.  

  5. Once we are done pumping the tank, we will look for any signs of cracks, holes, lateral line back-flow, broken baffles, or other signs of potential problems. If we see anything, we will make sure to inform you of the issue, as well as offer advice for how to fix or prevent problems, followed by a maintenance schedule recommendation. 

  6. We will then replace the lid back to the tank, making sure to seal it as it was before. If the tank was below grade, we can offer risers to grade, bringing the system up to code.

Once we leave your property, we will haul the waste to a certified disposal location as required by the County and the State. We will leave you with your own Homeowner's Septic System Manual, which includes information to help you further understand your septic system. We will also offer to set you up on a maintenance schedule, helping you remember to properly maintain your system.

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