Septic System Services

Septic Tank Pumping/Wastewater Management

We specialize in pumping out & servicing septic systems for both residential and commercial owners. At Salina Septic Service, we work hard to provide an excellent experience for both you and your family. We also provide you with a detailed pumping report, thorough tank inspection, and your very own septic system manual to help keep your system functioning properly. We can schedule you based on availability, or as a 24/7 priority call in the event of an emergency.

Septic System Repair/Septic Tank Additives

Our services extend far beyond just pumping the tank. Our qualified and experienced technicians can make repairs necessary to keep your system operating smoothly. Our maintenance & repair services range from Riser & Lid Installations, to baffle​ installation, as well as filter cleaning & installation.

Portable Toilet Rentals

Portable Toilet Rentals

Our Portable Toilet Services are there when you need them most. 

Whether you are starting a new construction job, coordinating an event, or working a disaster-relief or emergency scenario, we have the facilities to meet your demands.

Our Inventory Consists of Standard Restrooms (Event & Construction Grade), Handwashing Stations, Wheelchair Accessible (ADA) Restrooms, Mobile Restrooms, Portable Shower Facilities, Holding Tanks and Non-Potable Water containers.

Grease Trap Pumping

Grease Trap Pumping

For Restaurants and Commercial Kitchens, Salina Septic Service can remove the waste from Grease Traps or Interceptorslocated under the sink. Our Technicians will fully remove the waste, clean the interceptor and transport the waste without making a mess or leaving any odor. 

Waiting too long to pump these interceptors can cause backups, resulting in lost time and money for restaurant managers. Our Custom Service Schedules can prevent this from happening and give you peace of mind in the future. 

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