Salina Septic Service is the leading Septic System Service Provider in Central Kansas for over 65 Years!

Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems, more commonly called Septic Systems, are a critical and often over-looked component of homes and businesses. 

Our Service Technicians are experienced in all types of Septic Systems, and are equipped to properly service your system every time. 

Septic Tank Cleaning & Pumping

Annual Maintenance Doesn't Cost, IT PAYS!

When new Septic Systems can cost thousands of dollars to repair or replace, regular pumping can actually save you money!

Just like changing the oil in your car or truck, Septic Systems need routine maintenance. Waiting until your system backs up is like not changing your car's oil until the engine is blown. The damage has already been done, and backups can start occurring much more often.

To avoid these expensive problems, we have custom service schedules available, designed for your household to keep your system working flawlessly for years to come.

Regular Maintenance? Emergency Service? We've got you covered.

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