Septic System Treatment

Our professional grade Septic-System Treatment options allow you to help better maintain your septic system between services, and reduce the chances of an expensive drain field failure (potentially costing thousands of dollars). Read below to learn how our treatments can help save you money and better protect your home's wastewater system for many years to come.

What is NuTank?

 NuTank is a specially formulated, industrial-strength septic system additive. It is designed to further enhance the bacterial composition inside your home's septic system. It is a highly concentrate solution that works 24/7, for up to 1 month per dose. 

How do I use NuTank?

NuTank's design and function are extremely convenient, simply place 1 packet in one of your home's toilets, and flush! Repeat this step once a month, and your septic system will be healthier.

Why do I Need NuTank?

A quality, professional-grade septic system treatment can significantly increase the lifespan of your septic system. When a new drain field or entire system replacement can cost upwards of $20,000, proper care and maintenance is absolutely crucial. NuTank helps by breaking down the solid waste inside your septic tank at a faster rate, reducing the chance of those solids flowing into your lateral lines and clogging them up. 

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