What is a Septic Tank?

A septic tank serves as a holding container for solid waste. Inside the tank, solid and liquid waste are separated, with the liquids draining out into your yard and the solids remain at the bottom of the tank. 

How Often Should I Have my Septic Tank Cleaned Out?

Various factors affect how often your septic tank should be pumped, like how large your tank is and how many people live in your home. While you can go by these figures, it is recommended for each household to have their septic tank pumped every 3-5 years. Pumping a septic tank is less about cleaning it out and more about providing protection. Oftentimes, after letting a septic tank fill up too far it becomes too late to save it. (Especially after years of use) Repairs can be very costly, let alone messy.

Why Should I Pump My Septic Tank if it isn't Full?

Pumping out a septic tank is protection against a failed septic system. Failure to pump out a septic tank can cause your drainfield to plug up or a septic tank to collapse. Both of these can be very costly and messy, and a regular pumping schedule can help prevent this.

How Can I Maintain My Septic System?

Your best form of maintenance (other than a clean-out) is to avoid putting unnecessary or potentially damaging items into your septic system. Things like feminine products, harsh chemicals, coffee grounds or hair, baby wipes or other paper products (besides toilet paper), trash, etc. should not be put into your septic system. You should also avoid planting bushes, shrubs or trees around your tank or drainfield. The roots can damage the tank or lateral lines, preventing drainage. 

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