Construction Portable Restroom Rental

Standard Portable Restroom Rental

Our Standard Portable Restroom Units are the most popular choice among Contractors. Ideal for small and large projects alike, our units are modern and of the highest quality, and each unit includes weekly service visits. 

Included with Each Standard Restroom Unit Rental:

  • Weekly Service Visits

  • Hand Sanitizer

  • Courtesy Mirror

  • Fully Stocked and Freshly Cleaned Each Service Visit

  • Perfect for all types of Construction Projects

  • Designed to Accommodate up to 10 People per 40 Hour Workweek

  • Rent by Day, Week or Month!

Handwashing Station Rental

For construction projects where extra sanitation is needed, our Handwashing Stations are a perfect fit! Each station includes hand soap, paper towels and a trash can for your convenience. 

  • Weekly Service Visits

  • Fully Stocked & Cleaned Each Service Visit

  • 50 Gallons of Fresh Water

  • 2 Hand-Soap Dispensers

  • Paper Towels 

  • Trash Can for Convenience

  • Sealed Wastewater Catch Basin

Oversized Portable Restroom Rental

For construction projects where additional space is necessary, Salina Septic Service has just the solution! Our units are spacious and roomy, allowing ample area to navigate for those who need a little more room.

Included with Each Oversized Restroom Unit Rental:

  • Weekly Service visits

  • Hand Sanitizer

  • Fully Stocked and Freshly Cleaned Each Service Visit

  • Perfect for All Construction Sites 

  • Designed to Accommodate up to 10 People per 40 Hour Workweek

  • Rent by Day, Week or Month!

Holding Tank Rental

Already have a job trailer with restrooms inside? Our Holding Tanks offer clean, contained and sanitary means for wastewater disposal. Each tank has a 300 gallon capacity, and we can plumb the container right to your trailer for your convenience. 

Mobile Portable Restroom Unit

Have a jobsite on the move? Our Mobile Portable Restrooms are a perfect solution for you! These modern trailers have many special features that allow for easy transport from jobsite to jobsite. For your convenience, each trailer can be lowered to ground level, allowing the unit to sit flat. The trailers also offer an anti-theft removable trailer hitch so the unit can't be stolen.

Custom Service Options

No matter your demands, we can customize our services to ensure your satisfaction. From multiple services each week, to alternating units, our services are sure to fit your needs. 

Typical Custom Service Options:

  • Additional Weekly Service Visits (Up to 5 Days/Week)

  • Alternating Service Visits (Customized to Your Schedule)

  • Customer-Owned Restroom Services

  • After Hours/Emergency Services

  • On-Call Services

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With over 65 years of experience, Salina Septic Service has rewritten the rules for "Porta-Potties" on construction sites. Our service is guaranteed to satisfy you and your crew. Our team is fast, friendly, and available 24/7 to assist you in any way possible. From small home-remodels to massive commercial construction operations, we have a portable sanitation solution for you! 
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